Desiccare, Inc. Making Desiccant Stock Available in Effort to Accelerate COVID-19 Treatment Identification

- Desiccants required by FDA in exploration of COVID-19 treatment options but in short supply -

LAS VEGAS (Friday, April 3) Desiccare Inc., a leading manufacturer of atmospheric control solutions, is making available its supplies of desiccants at cost for companies integrating the material into the experimentation of effective COVID-19 treatments. In particular, the exploration of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine typically used to treat malaria patients. 

While the medical community holds diverging views of whether these drugs should be used for treatment of the novel coronavirus, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  has granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which eases restrictions on testing the drugs so pharmaceutical companies can better understand their effects on patients suffering from COVID-19. Desiccants are a critical component of the testing process and a component of the FDA’s specifications for packaging, but in short supply across the globe, as much of the source material is procured from China, where supply chains are recovering after the Coronavirus outbreak. 

“We’re aware of the potential off-label uses of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and are following the situation closely,” said CEO and President, Ken Blankenhorn of Desiccare, Inc.  “Our company has the means to help fulfill requirements for new FDA guidelines and we’re standing by with an emergency supply of products to assist in the packaging of potential treatments to ensure fast, proper distribution around the world. In the midst of this global pandemic, it’s nothing short of our corporate duty.”

Desiccare has myriad clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Molecular sieve desiccants are used in the manufacturing of Abbot’s recently released Abbot ID NOWTM - COVID 19 rapid identification testing, which can confirm within five minutes whether a patient has the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The hygroscopic substances it provides are used as drying agents during laboratory processes and will be critical for those companies willing to engage in the testing of such drugs on behalf of coronavirus patients. 

In 25 years of providing atmospheric control solutions, Desiccare has amassed a clientele that spans the globe, with operations in the eastern and western United States and Mexico.  The company offers a full line of standard and custom sorbent products made primarily from clay, silica and activated carbon ingredients that service a variety of industrial and consumer requirements. Desiccare’s offerings enable safekeeping and longevity for products ranging from apparel to food and from pharmaceuticals to technology, countering such wide-scale problems as food waste and spoilage, oxidation of critical nutrients for human consumption and the prevention of mold. Their range of atmospheric control solutions cater to varying relative humidity (RH) requirements, product volume and containers, from simple mason jars to large-scale, overseas shipping containers. 

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